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Our School Insurance Program offers specifically designed school enhancement coverages, extremely competitive pricing, and incomparable service with the goal of providing the best school insurance products, services, and support in the industry. We assist school administrators to address the most important risks facing educational institutions today. Our industry-focused specialists work with you to learn about your unique risks in depth and offer a comprehensive insurance solution for your private or charter school. For this reason, we offer numerous insurance program structures with tailored loss control and claims services to help you manage the risks faced by private and charter schools.

We partner with many leading insurance carriers to develop and customize coverage for private and charter schools, individually, distinctively, and with the utmost care and professionalism. Recognizing that the exposures to risk for private and charter schools are unique from school to school, our professionals tailor a risk management and insurance solution to each institution, one at a time.

School coverage options include:

  1. Auto insurance
  2. Crime insurance
  3. Cyber Liability
  4. Data compromise insurance
  5. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
  6. Employee benefits
  7. Employee benefits liability insurance
  8. Employment practices liability insurance
  9. Equipment breakdown insurance
  10. Fidelity Bonds
  11. General liability insurance
  12. Inland marine insurance
  13. Law enforcement insurance
  14. Property insurance
  15. School and Educators Legal Liability (E&O)
  16. Sexual misconduct and molestation insurance
  17. Student Accident Coverage
  18. Umbrella or Excess Liability
  19. Violent event response insurance
  20. Workers’ compensation insurance

Do You Need Education Insurance?

Every school needs Commercial Property and Causality Insurance to protect its property, employees, and most especially the children who attend.

Why Choose Van Popering Insurance?

We identify the exposures that are unique to schools and partner with insurance carriers to provide comprehensive, custom-made educational insurance solutions for those unique risks. We have procured the broadest coverage to insure against claims such as sexual abuse and molestation, school and educator’s liability and law enforcement liability. Whatever keeps an educator up at night, we strive to address.

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Commercial General Liability

Commercial General Liability

General liability insurance is a comprehensive policy with broad coverage. If someone gets injured on your school premises, general liability covers those injuries. If a student, visitor or customer experiences property damage while on your campus, general liability covers the replacement costs. If you’re a trade school and damages, occur as a result of products you sell, general liability covers that. And, if there are any potential hazards to a person or property that are not specifically included in your insurance policy, general liability expands to automatically provide coverage for new services, structures or locations. So, if someone trips while going up the steps, an accident happens in welding class, or a hoist falls and breaks a student’s computer, general liability has you covered.

  • General Liability
    • Bodily Injury/Property Damage Liability
    • Personal and Advertising Injury Liability
    • Damage to Premises Rented to You
    • Products/Completed Operations
    • Host Liquor Liability
    • Athletic Participants (optional)
    • Medical Payments (exclude students)
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Employee Benefit Liability
  • Violent Event Response Coverage
  • School Leaders E&O Coverage
  • Law Enforcement Liability
  • Umbrella Coverage

Business Owners Policy

Business Owners Policy

A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) is ideal for small businesses like yours because it provides multiple types of coverage. In addition to general liability coverage, it protects your property as well as your intangible business assets.

A BOP covers structural damages and loss to business buildings such as school offices, classrooms, and workshops and it covers the physical property inside and outside of each business structure.

For example, if your trade school trains students to become professional welders, then you have expensive equipment in the classrooms and workshops. Losing expensive equipment such as blow torches, air compressors, generators, and oxygen bottles can be devastating to the school’s financial stability. BOP covers the cost of repairing or replacing physical equipment, so you don’t have to.

BOP also protects you from the financial ruin of losing valuable paperwork or electronic data files. If an electrical short corrupts critical data about your students or staff’s certifications and licenses, for example, recovering those files can be quite expensive without BOP coverage.

Property Coverages:

Blanket Building and Business Personal Property with Special Cause of loss Agreed Value/Waiver of Coinsurance with adequate Statement of Values Replacement Cost for both Building and Business Personal Property.

  • Ordinance or Law Coverage
  • Optional Deductibles
  • Building Corporation included as an Insured
  • Loss of Income/Tuition & Fees
  • Money and Securities
  • Glass
  • Commercial Computer Coverage
  • Underground Fiber Optic Cable
  • Data Compromise

Commercial Auto Coverage

Commercial Auto Coverage

Business auto insurance is a must-have level of protection if your business uses vehicles for any purpose. You may have staff that attends annual seminars or continuing education classes. You may offer transportation services to your students. Some of your trade service classes may offer delivery services as part of their training. Whenever a company or personal vehicle is used for business purposes, commercial auto insurance can protect it from loss due to accidents.

  • Auto Liability
  • Physical Damage Coverage with Optional Deductibles (include Event Deductibles)
  • Non-Owned/Hired Auto Coverage
  • Auto Medical Payments
  • UM Limits Equal to Liability Limits
  • Garage Liability and Garage Keepers Legal Liability
  • Driver Training Units

Workers' Compensation Coverage

Workers' Compensation Coverage

When you have staff, you must also have workers compensation insurance. This is required by law. Workers compensation takes care of your employees if they are injured on the job. It pays medical bills, prescription costs, and temporary or permanent disability if needed.

Workers Compensation and Employers Liability:
  • Foreign Voluntary Compensation Endorsement

We will work closely with you to find policies best tailored to your business and industry.