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WellnessPlansNowlogoEach year healthcare and employee benefit laws get increasingly complex, and it can be difficult to stay on top of all the changing regulations. At Van Popering Insurance (VPI) we understand the importance of having a professional and knowledgeable broker to help you navigate the subtleties and complexities of employee benefit plans. We work with employers of 2 to 2,000 employees to help them design and communicate a plan that is compliant, effective, and affordable, as well as attractive to their employees. This process includes consultative review, employee communication and education, HR compliance, and workplace wellness.

VPI’s experienced brokers come armed with a depth of knowledge and breadth of professional relationships to provide your business with the most cost-effective and customizable benefits available. At VPI, we don’t just broker ‘cookie-cutter solutions’ and send you a renewal notice once a year. We use creativity and innovation to manage your benefits options proactively and develop a plan that’s specific to the needs of your employees.

Our consultative approach to group benefits begins with determining client objectives, resources, and ideas. We then design and execute a plan that incorporates those ideas and ensures client satisfaction.

At VPI, we know that your employees are your business’s most valuable assets. Let us help you secure those assets with creative group benefits plans that reward your current employees and meet your company’s financial objectives.

Our experience, combined with our relationships with multiple carriers, allows us to help you review and compare quotes for a wide range of employee benefits plans:

    • Individual Health Plans
      • Affordable Care Act Compliant Plans
      • Health Share Plans
      • Short Term Health Plans
      • Medicare Supplements
      • Long Term Care
    • Group Major Medical Plans
      • Fully Insured Medical Plans (PPO, HMO, POS)
      • Level or Balance Funded Medical Plans
      • Self Funded Medical Plans
      • Reference Based Pricing
      • Minimal Essential Coverage (MEC) Plans
      • Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA)
      • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
      • Gap Insurance
    • Dental Insurance (PPO/Indemnity)
    • Vision Insurance
    • Life Insurance
      • Basic Life
      • Voluntary Life
    • Disability Insurance
      • Short Term Disability
      • Long Term Disability
    • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
    • Other Coverages
      • Accident
      • Cancer
      • Critical Illness
      • Hospital Indemnity

Our independent agents will work closely with you to determine your goals for your benefits package and your budget before gathering quotes for the applicable policies and plans. To help you make the most informed choices possible, we will carefully review each option and the coverage it offers you and your employees.

Comprehensive Advice on Your Employee Benefit Plans

With decades of experience and a long tradition of serving business owners in the Carolinas, we pride ourselves on offering the comprehensive and personalized advice you need to understand your available options. We also offer advice on the changing laws under the ongoing health care reform and can help you understand how these changes impact your business.

Our main goal is to help you choose products that meet your unique needs, but we also make every effort to help you keep costs to a minimum. After all, the lower your premiums, the smaller the impact they have on your bottom line, and ultimately, the financial health of your business. To minimize your rates, we will explore every money-saving option available, including packaging your benefits plan with the rest of your business coverage.

We work with our clients to make employee benefits management a 3-5 year strategic initiative. By defining objectives and developing an action plan to meet those objectives, we ensure an organized, complete approach to fulfilling your benefits needs.

Our typical consulting approach:

Identification of Objectives

  • Review corporate benefit objectives
  • Understand corporate culture
  • Review current cost sharing levels between employer and employee
  • Understand how the benefits budget compares to the overall budget
  • Measure current employee appreciation and understanding of benefit programs

Review of Existing Benefits

  • Conduct market comparison of rates vs. benefits
  • Assess current vendor services
  • Review all plan documents, such as summary plan documents, contracts, administrative agreements, amendments, eligibility policies, reinsurance policies, etc.
  • Review current utilization patterns including those for chronic disease, ER usage, primary care vs. specialist utilization, hospitalization, and diagnostic procedures

Start a Strategic Planning Process

  • Create a three-year plan of initiatives and goals
  • Incorporate Member Health
  • Management and Consumerism into plan
    Involve upper management in the process as appropriate
  • Involve all employees in a common goal of maintaining affordable benefits that meet employee needs
  • Explain the array of benefits options available to your company
  • Design cost-effective health insurance and other benefits programs tailored to your company’s specific needs 
  • Serve as an extension of your HR department and provide all of the legally required employee notifications
  • Help you fully comply with DOL, HHS, IRS, and other federal regulations
  • Design, communicate, implement, and service your entire benefits package
  • Help you stay ahead of changing regulations

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