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Your dreams of owning a retail store have finally come to fruition. But as is the case with almost everything in life, the opportunity that comes with running a store also carries plenty of risks. You are the expert on sales, service, inventory control, bottom line management, and other daily activities; let us expertly manage the risks that you will surely be exposed to on a daily basis. Van Popering Insurance works with a variety of carriers to find the appropriate Business Owner’s solutions for almost any type of business. Surely a retail clothing store needs different coverage than an ice cream shop. With so many types of stores and operations, it is important that you obtain the policy and endorsements that protect your unique situation. Our licensed and experienced staff is on call to help build the most complementary policy for your particular business. Whether you need coverage for inventory theft or equipment breakdown or liability, we are here to consult you and ensure that you have the necessary coverage at an affordable price. Thousands have trusted us with their business insurance. Give us a call to find out why.
Basic Coverages you should consider when obtaining a Business Owners Policy

Business Property Insurance

Building Property Coverage

Coverage to help you quickly repair or rebuild damages to the structure of the store. (Can be covered at Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value)

Business Personal Property Coverage

Coverage to help you replace the contents in your stores such as computers, desks, phones and more. (Can be covered at Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value)

Business Income Coverage

Also known as Business Interruption Coverage, Business Income Coverage will allow you to continue to receive income while your store is being repaired or rebuilt. Not only does it cover costs for payroll and operating expenses but will also help by replacing lost revenue.

Outdoor Signs Coverage

Covers costs to replace outdoor signs, plants and shrubs, fences and more.

Ordinance or Law Insurance

Ordinance or law insurance covers the costs associated with having to demolish and rebuild to code when your building has been partially destroyed.


Depending on the type of retail operation, there are many different and unique types of exposures. Meslee Insurance can help you find particular coverage endorsements that fit your operation. Examples of this could be Bailee Coverage for laundry and dry cleaner operations (to replace customer property in your possession) and Spoilage Coverage for florists and food stores (for loss of income arising from mechanical failures like a power outage). Furthermore, there are many other optional endorsements designed to protect owners based on the operation type.

Business Liability Insurance

Premises & Operations Liability

Coverage that protects you from liability for injury or damages arising out of your premises or your business operations. For example, if a customer slips in your store and decides to sue you for injuries, premises and operations liability will cover injury and defense costs.

Products and Completed Operations

Coverage that protects you from liability arising out of your products or business operations conducted away from your premises once those operations have been completed or abandoned. For example, you are in the business of retailing homemade pasta sauce, and one of your customers gets sick while trying your product. Should the case go to court, products and completed operations coverage will help handle the defense costs and legal damages that come with service of suit.

Personal & Advertising Injury Liability

Insurance that covers liability for a group of specifically named offenses not related to property damage or bodily injury but are common exposures to most organizations. Examples of this are false arrest, wrongful eviction, malicious prosecution, libel, slander, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement and more.

Employment Practices Liability

Coverage that protects you from wrongful acts arising from the employment process such as wrongful termination, discrimination, and sexual harassment. EPLI coverage is also offered as a standalone policy, and more information can be found bi visiting the EPLI section of our website.


Just like with Business Property Insurance, there are many endorsements that can be found to protect your particular situation. Examples of this could be Liquor Liability Insurance or Barber & Beautician Liability Insurance.

Business Crime Insurance

Employee Dishonest Coverage

Coverage that protects you from situations where your employee or group of employees are stealing inventory or acting dishonestly in various ways.

Money & Securities

Coverage that protects you from the theft of money or other property stolen from your premise or from an employee performing tasks like going to the bank for a deposit.

Money Orders & Counterfeit Paper Currency Coverage

Coverage that protects you should you discover that customers have been using counterfeit currency to purchase your products or services

Forgery & Alteration Coverage

Coverage that protects you from outside accountants or bookkeepers that are acting dishonestly. An example of this could be a bookkeeper that is writing themselves checks payable by you!

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