Our restaurant insurance experts understand the risks your industry faces. We work with food business owners regularly to provide the protection and peace of mind they need to operate a successful restaurant. And because we understand that each small business has different needs, we offer tailored insurance policies specifically designed for your restaurant or food service business. That means no extras or gaps in your policy—just the coverage that works for you. We offer only the best insurance options to insure your business in all relevant coverage areas including General Liability Insurance, Business Owner’s Policy, Umbrella / Excess Liability, Workers Compensation, Property Insurance, and Liquor Liability Insurance.

Restaurant coverage options include

General Liability

Third Party/This coverage protects your restaurant from lawsuits that might result from slip and falls by customers, sickness caused by food served, and damage to others’ property caused by your daily operations.

Employment Practices Liability

Third Party/This coverage protects your restaurant from discrimination, sexual harassment, and employment related lawsuits brought by current, potential, and former employees.

Liquor Liability

Third Party/This coverage protects your restaurant from lawsuits involving alcohol which might result from someone who is injured or whose property is damaged after consuming alcohol provided by your business.  This coverage provides legal defense and funds for lawsuit settlements up to the policy limits.

Workers' Compensation

This coverage protects your restaurant when employees suffer injuries, illness or death related to their jobs. It pays employees for medical care, disability compensation, or rehabilitation (e.g. physical therapy). When death occurs, it pays employee’s family for funeral costs and survivor benefits.

Off Premises Utility Interruption

First Party/This two part coverage protects your restaurant if a power or utility failure occurs off your facility. The first part covers business property, such as computers, machinery, and other equipment, that is damaged as a result of the utility failure. The second part reimburses for lost income that results from your restaurant being shutdown due to the utility failure. Standard property and business income coverage normally exclude utility failures. Utility Services might include water supply (i.e. plumbing stations, water mains, water treatment plants), communication supply services (i.e. telephone, radio, or television services, the internet), power supply services (i.e. power plants, switching stations, transmission lines, substations, transformers, and local power lines).

Business Income & Extra Expense

First Party/This two-part coverage protects your restaurant from a temporary shutdown resulting from property damage to your facilities. Business Income reimburses your business for earnings lost during a shutdown period while Extra Expense provides additional funds to keep your business operational (i.e. to rent a temporary facility while your building is repaired).

Employee Theft

First Party/This coverage protects your restaurant in the event an employee or volunteer steals, destroys or loses money or securities.


First Party/This coverage protects your restaurant when perishable inventory at your facility, such as meat, fruit, and vegetables, spoils and becomes unusable due to a change in the controlled conditions. Spoilage might result from a mechanical failure of the refrigeration system, humidity control device, or other equipment for keeping perishable goods fresh. Spoilage could also result from a power failure, either on-site or off-site, outside of your control, that prevents refrigeration equipment from operating. The coverage provides reimbursement for spoiled goods.

Other coverages might include

Umbrella Liability, Building and Personal Property, Hired & Non-Owned Automobile Liability, Flood

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